November 2008

November 29th, 2008Does anyone know where to get a 19in\48cm frame for a women’s trek bike?

trek frame
tanya_patdfan asked:

I’ve seen few but all used or overpriced.Might I mention that I need a road bike not a mountain bike.Some bike stores have bikes in 20inch.But I need 19 inch.someone please help me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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November 29th, 2008What is/was Lance Armstrong frame size?

trek frame
Marlon asked:

Do some one knows Lance Armstrong Trek Bicycle frame size?

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November 29th, 2008will i make a good deal if i change my ruckus trail frame for chucker 2 2007 frame or trek jack 2 frame?

trek frame
biker boy asked:

if u think that i should change my frame tell me which frame do i choose to switch with ruckus trail


November 28th, 2008Should I buy a Trek Navigator 3.0 or a Specialized Expedition Elite?

trek frame
cubamerican28 asked:

I am torn between the two bikes. I am a big guy standing at 6 feet tall and weigh around 260 lbs. I want to take leisurely rides and I’ve ridden both at the store. I think the Trek sits a little further back toward the back tire, which fits my frame and body better, but I don’t find the Specialized uncomfortable. I just wanted to know if anyone had any opinions as to whether one is that drastically better in quality than the other.


November 26th, 2008BIKE EXPERTS::::::::: Is this a right BIKE FRAME? •easy best answer?

trek frame
Matthew V asked:

I’m 5’11, 130lbs, 16 years oldWould a TREK 3700 — 18” — bike frame fit me perfectly?
Or should I go lower, or higher?

I know bike frames vary, but I would just like an educated estimate from someone knowledgeable on this topic


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November 25th, 2008Should I put a lock holder on a Trek 2100 carbon frame?

trek frame
shubba008 asked:

I have a bike lock that i like to keep on my bike. The holder is latched onto the frame. It locks tightly on the frame and i am worried it will screw up my new trek 2100 carbon frame. Should i be worried?

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November 25th, 2008Need some help on the 2008 model trek 1.2?

trek frame
GAFT asked:

Now i need a good entry level road bike that I can also upgrade on for years to come, because i don’t have the money for some amazing road bike which are very expensive. So, I layed eyes on the scott speedster S60 road bike, not flat bar, and it is said to be a good, aggressive engineered bike that is worth upgrading. Now, i also was looking at the trek 1.2 and it is not aggressively engineered but it is 2 pounds lighter than the scott speedster. Does anybody know what the frame weight is of the trek 1.2??? The Scott Speedster S60 is 2.62, is that lighter or heavier??? Based on the stats-which bike should i go for for this summer???
**************Here is where to go to check it out******

and******Thankyou so much for those who helped me out on this question. This can be as hard as buying a car if you love and tweak out your choice

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November 24th, 2008I have a ‘94 Trek 7000 that I want to sell privately or trade in. How much can I expect to get for it?

trek frame
rumpdog34 asked:

It is in working condition, but needs a tune up. The frame is Aluminum. I’ve been told the components are nice.

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November 17th, 2008What kind of program should I write next?

trek frame
evader23 asked:

I current writing a game similar to the old star trek main frame game you know the 8×8 grid should the emenys keep your ship runningAfter I get done what should I write next


November 16th, 2008How much is my used mountain bike worth? 1994 Trek 8200, Mens 19.5″ frame with 26′ wheels, lightly used

trek frame
Minimalist asked:

Original retail price $360 in 1994. Very lightly used, mostly on pavement, then stored indoors for the past 9 years…
It’s actually an 820–sorry for the typo!
Jman: I’m not sure I even know what I have. Why would my bike be worth that much?!