Elite XC 9.9 SSL Frame

The Elite 9.9 SSL is built from Trek’s OCLV Red carbon. This pro-level carbon employs a significant percentage of high-modulus carbon arranged in a painstakingly intricate lay-up for the ultimate in lightness, stiffness and ride quality.

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December 29th, 2008What size trek bike frame should i get?

trek frame

Matt S asked: i have a trek 1000 road bike currently that is a 48cm frame and i’m a little too tall for it. i am looking to buy a new one on ebay and am wondering how big of a frame i could fit. i am around 6′ 2″ and have an inseam of around 34″. i’m looking at a trek 2120 or 5200. what frame size would be the biggest i could get?

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December 29th, 2008I’m trying to find out the model year of my Trek bike?

trek frame

richabrajano asked: It’s an 820 Mountain Track. hardtail mountain bike. It is two tone in color. The front part of the frame is kind of royal blue and then it fades to a purpleish blue to the back of the frame. it has a cro-moly frame, cantilever brakes, 21 speed with grip shifters. The tires are the originals and say “trek connection. The top tube says Mountain Track and the seat tube has 820 on it. Really want to know the year. Thanks.

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December 28th, 2008Can my Trek Y22 ever have rear disc brakes?

trek frame

Justin B asked: I have a ’96 Trek Y-22 with front disc brakes but want to look into getting rear disc brakes installed. I already have a wheel and hub all ready to go if possible but I am having trouble finding any sort of disc adapter and am not sure if anyone has done this to a Y frame or not? Is it possible to have disc tabs welded to the rear triangle itself? What are some adapters that would work if you know of some? Thanks!


December 25th, 2008can i buy just a 2008 trek frame?

trek frame

EpicRacer asked: i need a new bike for my next race season, and the 08 trek fuel ex line caught me. problem is, i like the frame but not the components. most of these new race bikes are coming with sram builds. im a shimano guy and i also want to have a choice for all my other components, so im looking for just a frame and shock and i can build it up from there.

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December 22nd, 2008what size trek road bike?

trek frame

Tom R asked: im 6’1” and am looking at some used trek road bikes. i want to know what size frame i need. thanks


December 22nd, 2008Places on internet to buy used bikes?

trek frame

Max P asked: I’m looking to buy a Trek 4300 with a 22.5″ frame and 26″ tires but I wouldn’t mind finding something used. Is there a place on the Internet that sells used bikes or REALLY good deals on new bikes?I’m looking at a ’06 4300 at a local bike shop and they are asking $369.00 for it – should I just get that one?


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December 20th, 2008trek 4900 alpha (Is this good bike?

trek frame

Dan O asked: trek 4900 alphaIs this good bike.



134mm Rear Spacing


Frame: Trek Alpha Aliminum

Fork: Rock Shox Pilot c

Serial # ww0714860

#’s stamped on BB Tube


SC-10-02 28960635V TBI 0406



VP Aheadset Headset

Promax Brake Levers

Promax Cantilever Brake Calipers

Shimano Alivio (Triple ) Front Derailleur

Shimano Deore Mega 9 (8-9 speed) Rear Derailleur

Shimano 8sp/triple Trigger Shifters

Shimano (Triple) 175mm Crankset

Shimano Bottom Bracket

Shimano 32 spoke Hubs

Trek Saddle by Velo

Bontrager Seat Post

Bontrager 85mm Stem

Bontrager CrowBar 5 Degree

Shimano IG Chain

SRAM 8sp Cassette

Bontrager Corvair Asym 26″ Rims

Bontrager Jones AC 26×2.1 Tires

K79 Pedals
Is this good bike?
and how much should I pay?

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December 17th, 2008How much do Trek 7.3 fx bicycles and Marin Belvedere bicycles weigh?

trek frame

cd23840923 asked: Fully built with standard components, not just the frame.

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December 16th, 2008Which road bike should I buy? Trek or Specialized?

trek frame

Josh G asked: I’m looking at either a 2004 Trek 5000 ($1000) or a 2007 Specialized Allez Elite ($800). I need someone who’s very familiar with the bikes, or is a mechanic of some wort to give me some advice. I’m skeptical about the Trek Carbon frame. The Allez is at that price because I know someone who got bought it at staff discount and they just got sponsored, so it’s just like new. I’m having a hard time deciding, because I want the best, not just best value.Any professional/educated advice would be much appreciated.


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